There are many transportation options to get to General Santos City. One of the most convenient ways to get there is to travel by plane. The General Santos International Airport serves all flights coming in and out of the city. It is the Philippines’ second largest airport and has daily flights to and from Cebu and Manila. The most viable air routes is to fly into the city are via the daily flights coming from the nation’s capital, Manila, or through the Queen City of the South, Cebu. You can choose from various airlines such as Philippine AirlinesCebu Pacific, and Air Philippines. You may choose a flight according to schedule or according to fare price as some airlines offer cheaper rates than others.

Another option to get to General Santos City is travel by boat. The city’s Makar Wharf is one of the busiest in the Philippines and is also considered by many as one of the best wharfs in the country. This wharf’s docking length measures up to 740 meters with a width of 19 meters. It connects the city via waterways to major destinations in the country and a few destinations in nearby countries. This seaport has boat trips scheduled to and from Iloilo CityManila, and Cebu City. The routes in and out of the city are served by at least four ferry companies. Negros Navigation, Sulpicio Lines, and Super Ferry serve passengers to various domestic destinations. Indonesian Shipping Lines serve routes to and from Indonesia.

One of the interesting options to get to the city from various locations in the country is via bus. If you’re traveling all the way from the island of Luzon then you will have to travel to Manila, the Philippine capital. From Manila you can buy tickets from one of the bus companies that ply a southern route like Philtranco. Buses heading to the southern islands of the country will take the route through the Bicol Region all the way down to the southernmost parts of Luzon. From there the bus will be ferried to Samar and the trip continues until you get to Leyte in the Visayas Region. The long trip doesn’t end there as it seems since you have to travel all the way to Davao in Mindanao. The three local bus companies that transport passengers to and from General Santos City are Husky LinesHoliday Bus Lines, and Yellow Bus Lines.

Attractions and Festivals

The other major festival celebrated in General Santos City is the Kalilangan Festival. The festival derives its name from the local language’s word for commemoration as the Kalilangan Festival is a celebration commemorating the foundation of General Santos City. Like most Philippine festivalsKalilangan is a celebration of the city’s identity and cultural heritage as it is primarily a pageantry of the city’s ethnic tradition. Being a festival celebrated to commemorate the founding of General Santos City, most of the presentations in the festival are devoted to reenacting the arrival of the city’s pioneering settlers on the shores of what is to be established as General Santos City.

General Santos City

General Santos City takes pride in its Tuna Industry that supplies the world with 2.4 million metric tons of high quality tuna each year. Because of that, the Philippines ranks 7th among the top tuna producing countries in the world, both in terms of fresh/frozen tuna and canned tuna. General Santos City is also known worldwide for it's being the place where our contemporary boxing hero, Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao was raised.

Religious freedom is recognized in this southern region. While 70% of the population are Roman Catholics, the rest belong to a wide distribution of religious affiliations (Protestants-20%, Islam-5%, Iglesia ni Cristo-3%).
Bilingualism is very common in the area. While Cebuano is widely spoken, many people speak an extra dialect or two. Most people are also conversant in English, it being the official medium of school instructions and business communications.

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